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Fire Pits and Burning regulations in the Village of Girouxville.

Bylaw No.18-04 – Fire Services in the Village of Girouxville in the M.D. of Smoky River #130 provides regulations regarding “Acceptable Fire Pits”. Please take notice that “Burnable Debris” materials permitted to burn in fire pits are:

– Wood material from construction or demolition not containing wood preservatives

– Wood material which does not contain wood preservatives or laminates

– Solid waste from the pose and pole operations that does not contain wood preservatives; or

– Solid waste from tree harvesting operations.

” PROHIBITED Debris” meaning any materials that when burned, will result in the release to the atmosphere of dense smoke, offensive odors or a substance, the release of which is regulated, prohibited, or controlled by the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, R.S.A. 2000, c.E-12 or regulations there under, and includes but is not limited to:

– Household refuse – Used oil – Leaves, and/or organic materials – Rubber or plastic – Animal manure – Paints and painting materials – Tires – Non-wooded material – Chemicals and chemical – Animal cadavers – Combustible material in automobile bodies – Pathological waste – Solid waste from sawmills

A full copy of the Bylaw may be viewed under on this website under “Bylaws”

High Prairie & District Food Bank

Box 833, High Prairie, AB T0G 1E0  Bus: (780) 523-5777   Fax: (780) 523-2464


Due to COVID-19 the High Prairie & District Food Bank Society Board of Directors have had lengthy conversations and have decided to continue our food hampers services. 

However, to help prevent the spread of the virus, The High Prairie Food Bank has put some preventative measures in place for Staff, Volunteers and Clients starting Wednesday March 18th, 2020. 

The High Prairie Food Bank will only be accepting clients by Appointment. The High Prairie Food Bank will now be scheduling appointments for Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 10am-12pm & 1pm-3pm. You can call the office to schedule an appointment at 780-523-5777. Clients will now be eligible for a food hamper once a month. Please Note: Dates, Times & Eligibility will be reassessed and could be subject to change. 

Presently, The High Prairie Food Bank is accepting donations.

Please be aware that we will follow health and safety procedures, and if you have any of these symptoms – fever, cough, sore throat, or have traveled out of the country in the past 14 days, or have been in contact with someone who fits any of these descriptions please stay home and self-isolate. Please do not come to the Food Bank.

Self-Isolated Clients who are unable to leave their home due to quarantine and are in need of a Food Hamper can now apply over the phone. To apply or get information please call Doreen Willier at 780-523-1492.

  • High Prairie, Self-Isolated residents who are applying, we are presently working on a way to deliver food hampers to your doorstep. 
  • Out of town, Self-Isolated residents we are working to coordinate with supports from your community to pick up and deliver food to you. 

We ask the public please be patient as we adapt to these changes and are still in the planning stages.

If you have any questions regarding the operations of our Satellite Food Bank in Falher. Please call 1-780-837-2220

Stay Healthy & Be Safe

High Prairie & District Food Bank Society Board of Directors   

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