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Property Assessment and Tax Notice

An annual combined property assessment and tax notice is mailed out in May. Taxes are due on or by August 31st. The combined tax notice covers the period of January 1st to December 31st.

This notice includes the assessed value of your property, the municipal taxes, the Alberta School Foundation requisition, and the Heart River Housing requisition.

Methods of Payment

The following methods of payment are available:

  • In person – at the Village Office, Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (Cash or cheque only)
  • By mail – Village of Girouxville, PO Box 276 Girouxville AB T0H 1S0
  • Online or telephone banking – at most financial institutions

Tax Deadline

Taxes are due by August 31st of each year. A penalty of 18% will be added on September 1st to all unpaid current taxes. An additional penalty of 18% will be added on January 1st to all unpaid taxes.


Your property assessment is based on a number of variables, including lot and home size, market value on July 1st and physical condition on December 31st of the preceding year.

An assessed person is entitled to see or receive sufficient information about the person’s property assessment, as well as a summary of assessment information on other assessed properties for comparison purposes. This information is available from the Village Office. It can also be viewed by going to the following link:$/start?muniID=125

If you have questions or concerns about the assessed value of your property, contact:

Compass Assessment Consultants

#201, 10559 – 172 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1P1 Telephone: 1-800-251-9711

If, after having discussed your assessment details with the assessor, you are still of the opinion that your assessment is incorrect, you may file a written complaint to the Assessment Review Board on or before the final date of complaint as shown on the combined property assessment and tax notice (60 days from the mailing date).

Complaint must be filed using the Government of Alberta Assessment Review Board Complaint Form. If you choose to use an agent, an Assessment Complaint Agent Authorization Form must be completed. These forms are also available at the Village Office.

Payment of the applicable assessment appeal filing fee must be submitted with the complaint form:

Local (LARB) Fee -Single Family Residential and Farmland $ 50.00 per roll account

Composite (CARB) Fee -Multi-Family Residential (more than 4 units) $350.00 per roll account

– Non-Residential (Commercial/Industrial) $350.00 per roll account

The form(s) and payment (payable to the Village of Girouxville) must be returned by the deadline to:

Assessment Review Board c/o Village of Girouxville PO Box 276 Girouxville, AB T0H 1S0

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