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Snow Removal & Disposal Policy

Village of Girouxville

Snow Removal and Disposal Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish winter snow and ice control standards for roadways under the direction, management and control of the Village of Girouxville.  The intent of the Village’s snow and ice control program is to reduce snow and ice hazards to provide reasonable road safety and mobility under normal winter weather conditions on roadways within the Village of Girouxville.  The Village will endeavor to ensure that roadways are reasonably maintained for winter driving in such a manner as to prevent or reduce accident and injury, minimize economic loss to the community, extend the life of transportation infrastructure and protect the environment; subject always to approved budget allocations, available equipment and staffing resources.

Snow and ice control in the Village of Girouxville is provided by Public Works and supplemented with contracted private sector equipment and forces if necessary.  Regular day shift hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday.  This shift concentrates on all routes.  During snow or ice emergencies and major storms, snow and ice control services may be extended past regular hours.

Other factors which influence how, when and where the Village provides snow and ice control services include: the duration of the storm; the amount of accumulated snow; wind and speed and direction; temperatures before, during and after a storm; and the weather forecast.  The order of priority may be altered, for reasons of safety, at the direction of Administration, Director of Public Works, or his delegate.

Public Snow Removal

1.  Village Office, Curbside on Main Street from 49th Avenue to 51st Avenue.

2.   Bus Routes.

3.   Residential Roads

4.  Back alley snow removal will occur upon completion of residential snow removal and municipal properties as required.    

Private, Commercial and Industrial Parking Lots and Driveways will not be cleared by Village equipment or labour.

Private Snow Removal

1.      With prior approval, obtained from Administration or Director of Public Works, excess snow removed from private, commercial and industrial properties may be hauled to a   designated site for disposal.

2.      Snow from driveways and parking lots may be pushed on the boulevard immediately abutting the property owner’s or home occupant’s residence.

3.      Snow stored on private property or boulevards immediately abutting private properties shall not drain onto adjoining property, obstruct traffic, restrict visibility and efficient operation of a fire hydrant and interfere with storm run-off drainage.

4.     Snow cleared from public or private properties shall not be disposed of in drainage ditches, on to transportation routes or public thoroughfares with the exception of businesses on Main Street from 49th Avenue to 51st Avenue.  These businesses may deposit snow from their sidewalks only, onto the street fronting their property.

5.      Use of equipment to clear private property shall not cause damage to public or adjoining properties.

6.     Snow cleared from private property shall not be deposited on other private property.

7.     To assist the Village after a snowfall, removal of all vehicles from the street is requested to allow for proper cleaning.


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